Case Study: Supermax Corporation Berhad

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SUPERMAX Corporation Berhad should be aware of their cultural differences in the workplace.Since there have a lot of different race in Malaysia and also most of the workers are from the different background so it can easily cause communication barrier happen between all the workers within the workplace. SUPERMAX should treat this issue seriously and handle it properly in order to avoid misunderstanding and tension between employees. It is vitally significant that there is a good relationship between all the employees and also the superior because it can affect the company’s productivity and efficiency. SUPERMAX should have cultural sensitivity in order to create a harmonious atmosphere in the workplace at the same time it can improve the performance of the company. SUPERMAX should know very well and keep an eye on their financial performance and situation all the time . Other than that, SUPERMAX should always ensure that their condition in a healthy status when operating each of their business functions. Therefore, it can enable the company to gain the profit because they can produce the output which is more than the input of the company. SUPERMAX also can know more clearly about their financial goal since they have a good set out a financial plan. In addition, SUPERMAX Corporation Berhad also needs to always review their product so that their performance can be improved (Melfi 2017). By doing so, the product of SUPERMAX will be able to meet the customer expectation for

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