Cause And Effect Essay On D-Day

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The Normandy Invasion, commonly known as D-Day, was an invasion that enormously impacted the world. Without D-Day, it is probable that World War II may have resulted in the Nazis and the Axis powers overruling the world. If this had ended as the outcome, the world would be in a completely different position of power and decision. The United States’ idea to initiate D-Day changed our world today. In 1933, Adolf Hitler proclaimed his view that Jewish people were undesirable. This statement grabbed the attention of others who agreed with him and his ideas. After gathering a large number of followers, Hitler, and the Nazis began enforcing their German army to hunt and gather millions of Poles, Russians, Jews, and others labeled as undesirables (Wenzl). After assembling these innocent people, Hitler placed them in brutal concentration camps, where they were forced to accomplish unimaginable tasks while intaking little food or water. Americans in the United States were completely against Hitler and his views but ultimately decided that they were to remain neutral in the war because of the Great Depression (Jones). However, some who favored the idea of war, referred to as Interventionalists, reasoned that if the Nazis destroyed Europe, it would leave the United …show more content…

The British and Canadians covered Juno, Sword, and Gold beaches, while the Americans took Utah and Omaha, where the fiercest fight was raging (“D-Day: The Allies Invade Europe”). In Omaha, 4,700 were killed, wounded, or missing out of 35,000 (“D-Day: The Allies Invade Europe”). The D-Day invasion had gone smoothly, and the goal to destroy bridges, sabotage railroads, and prevent reinforcements was successful (“D-Day: The Allies Invade

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