Cause Of Hate Crimes

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A hate crime is a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence. “A hate crime can also be defined as any wrongdoing perpetrated against a particular group of people. It is formed of prejudice directed at a group of people or individuals based on their ethnicity age, sexual orientation, gender, religious preference or any other defining characteristics.” (crime museum) Usually anytime different groups may come in contact somehow with each other, there is more than likely to be conflict, fighting, and tension between the groups. “Weather the crime in question is assault, theft, verbal abuse or even murder.” (crime museum) Hate crimes have not been a recent thing they date back to ancient civilization. An early example of a hate crime is like, Rosa Parks on the bus and she sat down when she was not aloud to . According to the Crime Museum “ The Romane Empire was part of a hate crime, which was well known for persecuting various religious groups. According to historical documents, christianity was largely tolerated by Emperor Nero until the year 64 AD, when a tremendous fire destroyed a great portion of Rome. the Emperor felt he was being blamed for the damage, so he shifted the guilt to the christians and called …show more content…

Not be put in jail for. All we know is what they are but we don’t know where they are happening. People with disabilities should not be being picked on at all. They can not help who they are, yes they are different but they are human just like you and me. Hate crimes are not a one day thing, then just walk away all these kids, not even kids but adults too they all get picked on no matter the size or shape. As the day goes on every hour somebody commits a hate crime. It's not far away from you it is right next to you. You do not realize it because we, us humans see it every day, we think it is

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