Causes Of Appeasement In 1939 Dbq Essay

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During 1939 Hitler and his party Nazi was a powerful party that was trying to take over everything. The world was plunged into World War II because of the Treaty of Versailles because Germans didn't like how all the blame was put on them,also the world plunged into World War II because of Hitler's party being very aggressive towards others. The most effective response to aggression would be collective security because, Hitler doesn't care,the failure of appeasement,He gets everything he wants. Hitler wasn't happy with the Treaty of Versailles where Germans troops Were forbidden to enter the Rhineland. Hitler still sent his troops to invade Rhineland and didn't listen.In document 3 it says “March. 7 Germany today cast off the shackles. fastened upon her by the Treaty of Versailles of when adolf hiter,sent his new battalions into the rhineland demilitarized zone”.Hitler didn't care he violated the rule of Treaty of Versailles, he wasn't allowed to invade Rhineland but he still did .Hitler could have been stopped at this moment if people would’ve use collective security because he broke the the agreement and did what he wanted but nobody stopped him, which allowed him to do what he wants because he thought people cared but didn't care enough to stop him.

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