Causes Of Hooliganism In Britain

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Write an article about the Hooliganism in Britain. The themes you’re going to include are; history, traditions, sports and society. Hooliganism in Britain
Hooliganism is a problem that mostly occurs in the UK along with the Baltic countries, this has to do with the history of football in Britain, as well as the rivalry that is between the Baltic countries.
The word, hooliganism, is defined as disruptive or unlawful behavior, such as rioting, bullying, or vandalism. Its first appearance is told to have been in London police-court reports as early as in 1894, where it was referred to a youth gang as the Hooligan Boys. The modern meaning of the word was introduced as late as in 1970 when violence and sports were associated with each other on a much larger scale, and in particular football hooliganism. The reason for that football hooliganism was the most widespread form of hooliganism was that football was, and still is, the most watched sport on both a national and an international scale. The football hooliganism in the UK was often referred to as the “English disease.”
Some of the most known footballing firms worldwide are Chelsea Headhunters, Arsenal Herd & Gooners, Burnley suicide squad, Leeds United service crew. Millwall Bushwhackers and West Ham ICF. These are all English footballing firms, and the English footballing firms has a reputation for being very violent, with several cases leading to death and a lot of
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