Causes Of The French Revolution

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French Revolution was political and social movement that occurred in France between 1787 and 1799. It was the most violent revolution in the 18th century. The revolution had three slogans “Liberty, equality, and fraternity.” Liberty represented freedom from cruelty of government. Equality meant social equality and fraternity brotherhood as the citizens are tied with solidarity. The wars exhausted monarchy and the years of bed harvest led up to the revolution that started in 1789. The revolution was started by third estate members that represented about 95 percent of French people. They advocated equal representation of all citizens and voting by man not by status. They took over control of Paris forming Paris Commune the governing body of Paris. The Commune was in control through the whole revolution. An important event at the beginning of the French Revolution was abolition of feudalism in August 1789 when the National Constituent Assembly adopted Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. The document guaranteed and protected individual rights and represented foundation for all political movements and set standards for all later governments. But those standards were disregarded and crushed during the radical phase. The constitutional monarchy was established in September 1971 with adoption of the first written constitution. In April of 1792 the Legislative Assembly declared war to Austria, which was advocated by some that thought it would inflame nationalism
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