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It was the year of 1870 in northwestern Montana. A group of Lone Eaters, a small band of Blackfeet Indians are trying to overcome the presence of the Napikwan-white men that threatens their existence. The Lone Eaters are like a lion that's protects his group. They protect their camp from the bad attacks, and the people that fight to protect earn respect. In addition, when people respect someone, that someone acts differently than when they had no respect from others. For example, the way they think and act, and the decisions they make. In James Welch's novel Fools Crow, the author uses the character of Fools Crow(White Man’s Dog) to demonstrate how a person is transformed when they earn trust from others.

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He gains the courage to face the enemy. This courage is produced because he knows he is backed up by the trust of Yellow Kidney. Also we can see the transformation in his character caused by the trust that's given to him. White Man's Dog is brave. He is brave as a lion. In the novel it says, “I will walk first among the horses to the north. If it looks safe, we will take them. For the first time, Fools Crow felt the responsibility of his charge. Suddenly it was not a game. They were in the country of the enemies”(pg.29). In addition, it's obvious that White Man's Dog is risking his life, but he knows that if he does this the trust of his people will be on him. James Cash said, “ responsibilities are given to him on whom trust rest. Responsibility is always a sign of trust”. White Man's dog had the responsibility to lead this raid and he is prepared to do anything to make him look good and gain trust from his partners, family, and camp. Lastly, the transformation of White Man's dog was because others began to trust him and he became a brave and was looked upon with good medicine . In James Welch's novel, Fools Crow, the author uses White Man's Dog to demonstrate that people change when they have trust from others. Also gaining respect makes an enormous change in a character. the character becomes more mature. Trust is key to

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