Changing Our Brains In Thomas Carr's 'The Swallows'

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In “The Swallows”, Carr shows us how the internet has become more popular than the old alternative books and magazines. The internet has became our life from day to day, as we know it is slowly changing the way our brains think. In this book, his reasonings were to help understand the importance that the internet has had on our upcoming generations. HIs main focus was on what is going on to the humans brains. All of his research on what it has done to our brains is causing us to realize more of his understandings. In Carr's, latest mind research it shows that we all should become cautious and aware of all the things that the internet is causing us to do. He acknowledges that it is also good to use the latest technologies that have came out. This isn't the only story that Carr has wrote, he has been a finalist for a national award. With all of Carr’s mind researches he knows exactly how to keep the reader's attention engaged throughout the entire book. In the book, he discusses several strong topics that he argues about; but he just doesn't leave them as arguments. He shows the relevant sources that he has looked into and describes …show more content…

To us, the internet looks towards the helpful technologies for citizens but then it also has its consequences. In “the old days” people got all of their information from books and magazines. They read books and books, which they thought they would be lost without them. In this article, wrote by the Chief of Seattle, it talks about how the white man have treated the land due to their unsuccessful desires in their lifetimes. Carr relates most of his book, to this article to me. The internet has appeared to the new and upcoming generations like the white man showed up. Common people are getting used to the information on the internet instead of opening a book or flipping through a

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