Chaos In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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If history tells us anything it is that controlled and somewhat orderly civilisations can succumb and completely dissolve into violent, chaotic and savage societies. Germany, a prime example of this, previous to World War II was an impoverished and crumbling civilisation that sought strength but its people did not expect the savagery and brutality of what was to come during the Second World War. Coincidently during this same period William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ is set and no one expected from reading a book about boys aged 6-14 that something evil could lie within its storyline. The story of a civilisation gone wrong. Golding manages to successfully show us this descent from an orderly civilisation to a savage and chaotic society through a number of methods. His modification of various characters is one way he demonstrates this change from something pure to malevolent. However most interestingly is his use of symbols to show how life has moved and changed from order to chaos throughout ‘Lord of the Flies’. In …show more content…

Golding through his use of symbolism clearly shows the movement from order to chaos throughout the novel. Unfortunately this idea that life can slip into chaos from order is not only fiction like Golding’s novel but the truth is that it has been a reality in some countries throughout the world. But hopefully in these cases in the future happy ending stories will be true ones rather than fictional ones. Nevertheless it is usually good that conquers evil and that more positives should be taken from stories rather than negatives. Stories should be judged by the level of interest it inspired in the reader and their consideration of its main theme. Maybe this is the kind of stuff on which great novels are

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