Society Corrupts In Lord Of The Flies

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Society corrupts In the novel, “Lord of the flies” by William Golding, Golding demonstrates that civilized humans can go corrupt when they’re exposed to uncivilized activity. The novel talks about British boys who were all civilized and got in a plane crash that landed them on an island where they had to do to survive, but without adults or rules to keep them in check, they became savage. This proves that your surroundings can change the way you behave. Golding demonstrates in his book that man is born innocent and is corrupted by society. First off, we are all born the same and we’re all equal. “Criminal behavior is not a fixed behavior”(Moskowitz 3). A person is not born with an instinct to be bad, they learn that behavior growing up in our society. In the book, the boys we’re civilized but when they got onto the island their behavior changed because their society changed in so many ways. “A person is responsible for their own actions”(Moskowitz 5). The boys started with rules and managed to keep it calm but then one person decided to be bad, then the others followed. The society may have changed, but it is the person who decides if they want to go along with it. Secondly, society changes change people and affects their life. Golding shows that the british boys at that time were at war and that affected their way of …show more content…

“Growing up in a poor society is affective to the people living there”(UMN). “Your neighborhood affects you”(Renner 1). They live up to the stereotype our society judges them on. So, they drop out of highschool and do bad things like join gangs and such. “People in power act unethical”(Miller 1).”Rich people are more likely to lie, cheat”(Choi 1). Power and superiority is too much for a person and corrupts them. Golding shows this in the book with Jack, once he was not voted leader, he became his own leader and made his own camp. After that he went savage and eventually started

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