Chapter 4 The English Bill Of Rights

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1. The English Bill of Rights: The English Bill of Rights was significant because it created a lot of rules that parliament passed. The bill created a separation of powers and limited the king and queen. These rights gave the people of England more rights and power as citizens.

2. The Boston Massacre: This was a killing of people who were in a mob in the street in arguing with a British solider. This created a giant publicity for citizens claiming how the soldiers of Britain were unfair and overpowered. This caused the removal of troops from Boston and this showed that citizens actually started to gain power and some say.

3. Thomas Paine: He was an England born political philosopher, he helped shape the American Revolution with his writings. He was the inspiration for rebels with his writings. He is also considered one of the founding fathers of the United States.

4. Abigail Adams: Was the wife of the second president of the United States. She wrote letters to her husband which John Adams took into consideration while being president. She was also the first lady to live in the white house. This changed America because this was not seen at the point and time. Women were not allowed much at this time and Abigail was an inspiration to women all over.

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The rights that the American colonists felt like they were being denied was that they have no say in any important taxes that were placed on them. They also felt like they weren’t able to worship or make their own laws or at least have some say in that department. The overall story is that the American colonists felt like they must run everything through the King and parliament and that they had no say. An example of this would be the stamp act of 1765 which made taxes on all legal documents. There were taxes gradually growing in everything the British could think of. So, the American colonist had enough which led into the American

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