Chapter Summary Of A Separate Peace

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Finny playfully criticizes Gene 's clothing and is grateful for the lack of cleaning service. Gene replies that it is not a big loss considering the war, and he is Finny 's bed for him. The next day, Brinker will explode, wondering if Gene is ready to recruit, when he sees Finny. He starts making a joke on Gene 's "plane" - to kill Finny and get the room to himself - but Gene interrupts him and tells Finny about Brinker 's proposal to sign up. Finny 's harmless reaction leads Gene to realize that Finny does not want him to leave. Gene now tells Brinker, Finny 's apparent relief, that he no longer wants to enlist.

Gene feels deep inner peace as he trains with Finny and sometimes finds it difficult to really believe in the widespread …show more content…

One day, Finny decides to mount a winter carnival and begins assigning tasks. Brinker arranges the transfer of equipment from the bedroom into a park on the river and his roommate, Brownie Perkins, who keeps several pitchers of cider buried in the snow. Children organize a small ski jump, snow statues and prizes, and Chet Douglass offers music on his trumpet. When the carnival begins, the other boys exchange Brinker 's cider at Finny 's request and are introduced into anarchist boots. Everyone seems drunk with cider and life itself, especially Finny, who plays a wild but pretty dance at the awards table with his good leg. Finny announces the beginning of the carnival decathlon and has shown several athletic gestures for the popular crowd. Among the festivities, Brownie reappears bedroom with a telegram: Lebbro Gene wrote to say he is "escaped" and that his safety depends on whether gene is immediately approaching his "Christmas position."
In Chapter 10, he speaks mainly of the leprosy gene, Leper tells Gene that he has abandoned; he did so because the army was planning to get him a scatter from the eighth section of madness that he said would have prevented him from finding work or leading a normal life. Gene makes some uncertain comments and Lebbro suddenly breaks, insulting him. He then accuses Gene of hitting Finny out of

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