Character Analysis: All Quiet On The Western Front

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The war effected all of the young men greatly. I believe Paul became changed from the war because he learned that you can't take anything for granted especially food. The men would do anything to get a hearty meal. Paul also changed from being a young boy to being a mature man. Paul learns that his family isn't the people he grew up with but the people that he has been through war with. Paul has learned a whole new level of survival. He's taught himself to survival intense shelling, and survive in a dirty and unequipped trench. All the men in his trench are his new family. At the end of the book Paul explains how death doesn't take him by surprise anymore. When Kropp and Paul both become injured severely, Paul gets let out early. On page 268, Paul explains that he is let out and sent to the front. Paul misses the presence of Kropp, but that's part of war. He has to succeed to the front without and hope for him to come back. …show more content…

Paul went to the war a an innocent, sweet, scared boy that loved his mom. His mother did everything for him, their love was strong and sacred. When Paul enlisted in the war he didn't have someone looking out for him the whole time. Kemmerich, however, looked out for Paul. Pail grew to be tough and strong overall. He was serious and knew what it meant to be scared. Paul saw things that no one else could come to terms to understand. He experienced what warfare actually was. Including walking through shell holes, standing in the front as a target, and killing people. Paul became so adapted to the war that when he was home he would often flinch or jump at the littlest

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