Character Analysis Essay On John Proctor In The Crucible '

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Though John Proctor‘s affair with Abigail marks him as a sinful person, his good nature makes him a tragic hero. Proctor is said to be respected and feared in the town, but he began to view himself as a fraud. He is fully aware that he has sinned, yet he has not confessed it (1245). His actions mark him as a lecher. This, along with his sparse church attendance, gives enough reason to kick him out of the puritan town and label him a sinner, best to be avoided. Later, John Proctor confesses his sin to the court. Proctor is trying to expose Abby and the girls as frauds; however, his intention failed when the court called in Goody Proctor. They asked her if her husband was a lecher, and she lied and told the judges he was not (1311). It was the

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