Character Analysis In John Steinbeck's Inherit The Wind

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All literature is written with a specific message that the writer is trying to convey. Inherit the Wind is a very complex play with several different themes, one of which is that one must look beyond the surface to seek the truth. Through the use of Drummond’s character, the rivalry between Drummond and Brady, and the contents of the trial itself, this play shows readers that things may not always be what they seem. Firstly, Drummond’s character may seem biased due to his position, but he is shown to be fair and open to all opinions. One example of this is when he ensures that the jury is impartial to both evolutionists and creationists. During the examination of the veniremen, Drummond makes sure Sillers is not an evolutionist, even if it…show more content…
First of all, it may seem as if Drummond and Brady are enemies, but Drummond actually respects Brady quite a bit. This is shown when he does not make fun of Brady after he dies. When Hornbeck shows his contempt at his kindness, Drummond states, “A giant once lived in that body. But Matt Brady got lost. Because he was looking for a God too high up and too far away.” (128) This phrase shows how Drummond had once admired Brady, but grows to pity him as Brady never grew from his original habits. Furthermore, he defends Brady from Hornbeck's insults in saying. “I tell you Brady had the same rights as Cates: the right to be wrong!” (127) This demonstrates his respect for Brady and his acceptance for Brady as another human being. Another example is that Brady may seem like the more successful and popular of the two, but the crowd only loves him because he has the most popular opinion. This is shown by how quickly the crowd turns on him once Drummond starts to make fun of him. They leave him behind in the courtroom and laughs with Drummond when he announces that Brady was “the prophet from Nebraska.” (99) This complete lack of loyalty tells readers that the people will follow whoever sounds the most intelligent, even if it is the supposed enemy of Brady. Overall, Inherit the Wind illustrates how the rivalry between Brady and Drummond is not…show more content…
This moral is only one of the many things that make Inherit the Wind such a complex play. With its rich use of characters, conflicts, and themes, Inherit the Wind has become an English
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