Character Analysis Of George And Lenny In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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¨There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship¨- Thomas Aquinas. In the story of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck the two main characters in the book are named George and Lenny. They represent this quote.The book is about George and Lenny and their goal to achieve the american dream by owning their own ranch. George is the leader between the two because Lennie has a smaller brain and can 't comprehend a lot. They have been close since Lennie 's only family member left him and George had to take care of them. They are like brothers they love each other but they fight like brother. Steinbeck does a great job making Lennie seem sympathetic as he is gentle, caring, kind and nice. Lennie shows he is…show more content…
Lennie is also to be shown sympathetic by how nice he is. We know this by other characters say how nice he is including George and Slim how he is so nice and would never be mean or hurt anybody. He is always positive and is always trying to do the right things. In the book george tells slim how he used to play jokes on Lennie anymore because ¨one day bunch of guys were standing around up on the Sacramento river, I was feeling pretty smart. I turns to Lennie and say Jump in, And he jump. Couldn 't swim a Stroke. He nearly drowned before we could get him. An he was so nice nice to me for pulling him out. Clean forgot I had told him to Jump in, Well I ain 't do nothing like that no more¨ . This trait hurts him personally because people can abuse his niceness and get them to do something or take advantage of him. It also can get him into and out to trouble because he listens to George and George can mislead him into doing something that could get him into trouble. It can get him out of trouble to because of how nice he is he could not get into trouble but he could also be so nice and take the blame for someone else. Lennie also shows sympathy as he is a caring person. It shows this in the book when he goes into crooks cabin and talks to him when know one in the ranch talks to him because he is black. Lennie talks to him like a normal person and even though Crooks is mean to him he is nice and pretend there is no difference between the two when racism is a big thing. Lennie is also caring as he takes care of the dog he is with. He takes care of the dog and is in an the barn all day to take care of the dog. This trait does not hurt Lennie as people start to like Lennie as he is caring
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