Character Analysis Of Han Pyongt Ae In Our Twisted Hero

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In the novel Our Twisted Hero, by Yi Munyol, Han Pyongt’ae is the twisted hero because he does not adhere to Sokdae’s class management system, and in the end, gives justice to what he believes is right. Although Sokdae keeps the class under control, he abuses his power, by making the classmates get him water and different types of food, thus angering Pyongt’ae who says infuriatingly, “Who decided whose turn it was? Why do we have to fetch water for the monitor? Is the monitor a teacher or what? Doesn’t the monitor have any hands or feet?” (19). Pyongt’ae is determined to knock Sokdae off of his throne but then he changes course. He agrees to follow Sokdae’s system allowing him to “rediscover… friends and games” (71). Later on, when the other

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