Character Analysis Of Ponyboy's Character From 'The Outsiders'

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I think that when Ponyboy says " “I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.” He means that he always tells himself that he is not who he really is, but in the end he realizes that he is who he is and that he should not resort to lying. I think this because when he says that he lies to himself, he is trying to tell himself he is different than who he is. He want 's to be like the rest of the greasers. I know he is different from the rest because the reason he got jumped by the Socs is because he had no one to go to the movies with. When he says that he doesn 't believe himself he means that in the end he thinks that he should stick to who he really is. I say this because he is going to continue going to the movies even if none
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