Character Analysis Of Solider's Home By Ernest Hemingway

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Character Analysis of “Solider’s Home” In my analysis of the story “Soldiers Home” by Ernest Hemingway, I felt the story had two characters in the story. Harold Krebs was the main character of the story and many details of his life was provided so the reader could have a visual concept of what the author was trying to portray. Kreb’s mother was another character of the story and the author presented her side with many spoken parts. The inclusion of Kreb’s mother provided a nurturing aspect of the story and presented a conflict of the struggles that Harold would endure when he returns home. Hemingway uses ideas in his story so that the reader could set themselves in the story and understand what the characters are feeling throughout each word. …show more content…

His mother provided a needed nurturing feature that he would need to give him the boost to return to the aspects of society. Krebs struggled to find ways to regain his stature in society and his mother felt it was her duty to help him along the way even if he was mean to her without understanding why he was doing such. Krebs would even tell his mother he did not love her, even though he did not mean it (Hemingway 170). His mother would be there to support her son, even after the hurtful comments that Krebs made towards her. It is hurtful in any form to see your children go through any pain and she would make sure that all could be done to get Harold back into the world. Her son would return home with her help and he would be back into society. She would give him the tools to succeed and finally return home. She and his father came up with a plan that Krebs could borrow the car and go out and perform activities so that Krebs would get out of the house and enjoy life, but he must also find a job to which she described it as a place in life (Hemingway 170). Kreb’s mother was providing him with the tools to become a key component for his future. She understood the struggles he went through but wanted to make sure that he would eventually find a way to

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