Character Comparison Between John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Summary: 1) George tells Slim many facts about his past including the story about what happened in Weed. 2) Carlson shoots Candy's dog because he was old and made the bunk house smell terrible. 3) George and Lennie decide to let Candy lve in the house they are planning to buy because he will already have more than half of the amount of the money needed to purchase it by the end of the month. 4) Lennie got into a fight with Curley because Curley was trying to pick a fight with him. Although Lennie didn't want to fight, he did because George encouraged him to. 5) Slim told Curley that his new story for why he looked so beat up is because he “got his hand stuck in a machine”, so that they don't get in trouble for what Lennie had done. Quote:
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