To What Extent Is Lennie Responsible For Curleys Death

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Knowing Lennie’s condition, is Lennie responsible for killing Curley’s wife? Lennie may not have ever meant to kill Curley’s wife due to his condition, but he still ended her life; therefore, yes, I think he is responsible. Lennie couldn't function properly to let go of Curley’s wife’s hair, so he cried, “Oh! Please don't do none of that… George gonna say I did a bad thing. He ain't gonna let me tend no rabbits” (91). Lennie doesn't have a good understanding of his physical abilities, and cannot control his emotions/ actions. He looks forward to tending rabbits once he and George get out of their work condition and move out, so he doesn't want to get in trouble after not knowing how to react when Curley’s wife wanted him to let go of her hair. Hence his condition, he still killed her and is still guilty for his actions. Who is responsible for Lennie’s death? I believe Slim is responsible for Lennie’s death. George had been pondering over whether he should turn Lennie in or take care of him himself when Slim …show more content…

Crooks’ loneliness is more noticeable because he states to Lennie, “ A guy needs somebody-- to be near him” (74). Crooks is African American, and is discriminated by the other men on this farmland. He doesn't have any friends, so all he can do is his job and then come back to read or sit by himself, alone, watching the men in the bunkhouse play cards and have fun. George’s loneliness is hidden but still present. George would love to leave Lennie and have his own life without having to babysit his friend. George even states in the beginning of the story, “ God a’mighty, if I was alone I could live so easy”, but later tells Lennie, “I want you to stay with me” (11-13). George doesn't want Lennie there and would rather be alone-- living for himself, but he knows he needs to keep Lennie by his side because they are best friends and can’t live without each

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