Characteristics Of Compound Words

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As there are many changes around the world, every language do need new words as new things need new words. It is because the community are growing and developing just as the language which we use as the medium of communication in our life. If the new words are not created, this matter will affect our communication as we need word for the new things which are invented by the humans. Through many ideas from the human, there are various word formation processes are used to develop the language in the past and the present.

According to George Yule in 2006, one of the most common word formation processes in the English language is derivation which is by adding morphemes to stems. This method is usually changed the meaning or even the part of
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Compounding consists in the combination of two or more roots to form a new word. Compound word does have its own characteristics Compound words behave grammatically and semantically as single words. There is also no affixes usually occur between their component elements. Some of the examples are bathrooms, school, and buses. However, there is the exception for some words like passersby, brother-in-law and courts-martial. Another characteristic of compound words is that they can be written in there different ways which are open, hyphenated, and solid. Open is words with a space between the parts of the compound such as toy store and flower pot. Hyphenated is word with a hyphen (-) separating the elements of the compound like the word air-brake and she-pony. Solid is word without a space or hyphen between the component elements of the compound. For the examples are washroom and pickpocket. The second element of the compound which is also known as head word usually determines the grammatical category to which the compound belongs. For example, sunrise is the combination of two nouns, overtake is the combination of preposition and verb, and off-day is the combination of preposition and…show more content…
Reduplication is the repetition of all or of part of a root or stem to form new words. This works usually repeat a syllable or the word as whole and put it together. Reduplication consists of different types. Exact reduplication is creating a kind of baby- talk-like word such as ‘bye-bye’. Ablaut reduplication is more to denote a ‘motion’ like ding-dong which is form the word ding to dong. Majority of these type of reduplication uses the vowel ‘i’ in the first part and either ‘a’ or ‘o’ in the second part (Martin, 2006). There is also a rhyming reduplication like chit- chat. Shm – reduplication is an interesting fraction or reduplication because it is used to represend mockery or irony such as Oedipus, Shchmoedipus 9 Peters, 2010). Some of the usage of reduplication is to imitate sounds like rat-a-tat (knocking on door) and ha-ha (laughter). It is also use to suggest alternating movements such as see saw and ping-pong. Another use is to intensify like

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