Characteristics Of Johnny In The Outsiders

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“Stay Gold Ponyboy. Stay Gold.’’ Those were Johnny's last words to Ponyboy. Johnny Cade, a peacemaker among his friends, always saw the good in others which overshadowed any bad. In both The Outsiders book and movie Johnny shows characteristics of a hero, someone with courage, and the strength to do noble acts when others won’t, even if it might cause grief or pain. First, Johnny Cade sticks up for others even if it means taking risks. When ponyboy was walking home from the movie’s he was alone when a group of socs came up and attacked ponyboy, johnny and the others came and ran them off. Johnny could have just let the socs beat him up but he made sure ponyboy wasn't hurt. At the drive in movie, Johnny shows courage by sticking up for Cherry and Marcia to his friend Dally. Dally was picking on the girls and made them feel uncomfortable. Standing up to Dally, who was known for fighting and being the tough one of the group was self-sacrificing, and the polite thing to do. Finally, Johnny and Ponyboy were confronted in the …show more content…

When ponyboy and johnny were on the train, ponyboy fell asleep and was laying down on johnny and made johnny's legs go to sleep. Ponyboy asked him why he didn't wake him up so he could get off of his legs johnny said, “That’s okay, I didn't want to wake you up until I had to.’’ He didn't want to wake him up even tho he could barely walk from his legs being asleep. While hiding out at the church, Johnny decides he is going to turn himself in when he learns from Dally that the Curtis boys are worried about Ponyboy even if this means he will go to jail. But, when returning to the church, it is on fire with children inside. Johnny realizes it was probably one of their cigarettes. Like a true hero, he runs into the church and gets all the children and Ponyboy out safely with Dally’s help but in the process he is badly injured. Even the school teacher called Johnny a

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