Ponyboy Hero Quotes

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Hero’s are great and powerful people. A Hero is someone who is willing to risk their life to help someone even though they don’t have to. Ponyboy is an example of a hero. Johnny is also a great example of a Hero. Bob though, is the complete opposite of a Hero. Hero’s can come any size, shape or form as long as they try their hardest to do so.

Ponyboy is a great form of a Hero. Ponyboy is willing to help others.“I’ll get them out don't worry”(p. 91). Ponyboy says this quote when the church is on fire and they realize children are in there, Ponyboy went in and risked his life to save the children. That shows that Ponyboy will risk his life to help someone innocent, even though he dosen’t have to. Ponyboy cares about his friends.“Johnny wont be at the rumble this time”(p.134). The day of the rumble came and Darry didn’t want Ponyboy to go but Ponyboy wanted to go for Johnny since he had died and he knew Johnny loved to go to the rumble and take on the Soc’s. …show more content…

Johnny would do anything to save someone he cares about.“You really killed him huh? Yeah I had to they were drowning you Ponyboy” (p.57). Johnny saw the Soc Bob was trying to drown Ponyboy, so even though Johnny could have found a better way to save him, he had the right intentions to save his friend from dying. Johnny risked his life to save Ponyboy from getting seriously injured from the burning building even though he could have just saved himself.“Johnny shoved me toward the window, Get out Ponyboy”(p.91). After Johnny and Ponyboy got all the kids out of the church, Johnny could have just tried to save himself but since he cared about Ponyboy so much he made sure Poyboy was the one who wasn't seriously

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