Characteristics Of Reverend Hale In The Crucible

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There are many characteristics that help to define a strong leader; some attributes may include being trustworthy, honest, or intelligent in multiple areas of study. History has shown that there were people who filled leadership positions because they were able to possess said characteristics. Additionally, for a leader to be strong and worthy of upholding those who follow them, one must be fully certain of their beliefs and opinions, not weary and willing to flip-flop their stance on an issue. In Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible,” many characters develop their position on the controversial witchcraft trials that took over Salem; though most of the main characters held true to their stances on the belief of witches, the character Reverend Hale …show more content…

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights activist that exemplified the idea that not backing down on one’s opinion can make for a strong leader with many followers supporting him or her. Dr. King was able to stand up and give speeches in front of large crowds, preaching his truths and views on segregation. He was certainly not one to cower from publicly protesting the wrongs that were being done to coloreds in America, especially in the south. King never changed his views because he stood strong with those that supported times of change through boycotts and sit-ins that prolonged for years. He was such a strong leader of protest that he was able to gain the support from President John F. Kennedy in his push for desegregation. Martin Luther King was never weary of his beliefs and was not afraid of any outcome that would result from his protesting, which made his cause more intense and, in the long run, more achievable. Even after being sent to prison, King never lost hope nor gave in to the law, but instead released a letter from the Birmingham Jail, all written on a series of newspaper margins. The letter told his fellow protestors to continue their fight and stay strong as brothers and sisters alike. Even in a situation like that, King was able to uphold his beliefs and use his faith as a way to keep

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