Characters In Romeo And Juliet

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The play of Romeo and Juliet is about a couple of teenagers that come from distinctive family’s that absolutely hate each other.So let’s start off with Romeo Romeo is a Montague he falls in love very easily. And Juliet is a Catholic arising her 14 years who’s being prepared by her parents to marry Paris. but she’s very uninterested with marrying someone at that young age. but when Romeo sneaks into the party sees Juliet this is each other 's first time seeing each other and the reason romeo was even at that party was to see a girl that didn 't even love him rosaline and him and juliet fall in love instantly.

Also in all reality they fell on each other‘s looks and knowing that their families absolutely hate each other they decided to get married the very next day. and they also decided to die for each other which is very unusual for people that have known each other for about seven days. Also after Juliet and Romeo got married tybalt is a very destructive cousin of Juliets. And since Romeo snuck into the party and got to see Juliet tybalt was very angry and wanted to have a duel with Romeo. Yet Romeo did not want to because he was married to his cousin.

But romeo didn’t want to tell him that just yet. And back to the fight tybalt starts trash talking romeo. and picking on him and romeos just like aye i love you youre me favorite and stuff like that. but Mercutio steps in because he didnt like the way tybalt was talking to him. and he knew romeo wasnt gonna do anything
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