Romeo And Juliet Hate

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The play of Romeo and Juliet is about a couple of teenagers that come from distinctive family’s that absolutely hate each other.So let’s start off with Romeo Romeo is a Montague he falls in love very easily. And Juliet is a Catholic arising her 14 years who’s being prepared by her parents to marry Paris. but she’s very uninterested with marrying someone at that young age. but when Romeo sneaks into the party sees Juliet this is each other 's first time seeing each other and the reason romeo was even at that party was to see a girl that didn 't even love him rosaline and him and juliet fall in love instantly. Also in all reality they fell on each other‘s looks and knowing that their families absolutely hate each other they decided to get married …show more content…

and now Juliet goes the friar Lawrence looking for a potion that’ll put her asleep and friar Lawrence comes up with a wonderful plan saying that if she takes this potion it’ll make her appear dead to others so then she’ll go to her tune and Romeo and friar will both be there waiting for her to wake Romeo and her can sneak off to the other village. but when Friar sends a letter to Romeo the letter did not get there and Romeo’s assistant says that Juliet is dead because he didn’t know either. and Romeo decides to get a potion and go to the tomb that night and Paris was there to Paris in Romeo fight to the death Romeo kills Paris then Juliet still seems dead but she’s really not she just drink that potion so she still sleeping and Romeo drinks the potion sleeping next to her and dies very slowly then Juliet wakes up saying where is my love then little does she know he’s dead right next to her then friar Lawrence comes before she can kill herself and tries to talk her out of it yet she still grabs the shank from Romeos belt and stabs herself right in the gut and it kills her then the prince comes because Parises assistant came and told the Prince the prints came with gourds and called both of the families up and talk to them and they figured out finally after all these years that it’s stupid to be fighting anymore and they all become friends again because Juliet and Romeo died because of their

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