Charismatic Analysis Of Unbroken By Laura Hillenbrand

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Charismatic analysis of Louie Zamperini Louie Zamperini was a prisoner of war in world war two. Louie Zamperini was a fast runner and was going to go to the Olympics. Louie had joined the war against Japan,he was a bombardier. Louie was then captured by japan and was considered a prisoner of war. In the book Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand uses the life experiences of Louie Zamperini to show the traits of Rebellious and Determined. Throughout the book it is shown that Louie is a Rebellious person. An example of this is when Louie had climbed out his bedroom window,and when on a naked dash through town with a policeman chasing him.The book states, “In 1919,when two-year-old Louie was sick with pneumonia,he climbed out his bedroom window, descended one story,and when on a naked dash through town with a policeman chasing him and,a crowd watching in amazement.(6).” This shows that Louie is a Rebellious person because he was sick and he didn’t want to stay put to get better but he wanted to be free and apparently naked. The police had to chase Louie because they didn’t want him to get sick. The crowd that watched him was amazed by how he could be sick and want to be out completely naked and be running around. Another…show more content…
These traits help understand Louie because if you have read or seen the movie then you would know that Louie was always rebellious like when he went outside naked when sick,he was only two years old.He was always determined, when he was in the war he demanded the other P.O.W to hit him instead of someone else getting hurt.Louie Zamperini was and will always will be a hero to the prisoners of war in world war two.He had know that he had to stand up for what he believed in.So you should say thank you to a veteran for all of the hard work they do or did to protect our
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