Charles C. Mann's Coming Of Age In The Dawnland

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When Europeans discovered the new world, the whole world changed. The new world was named the Americas and it changed greatly when the Europeans discovered it. The Natives that inhabited the Americas were not happy with the new foreigners that had settled in their country. In Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford, the Europeans sailed to the new world and brought many new items that the Native Americans had never seen before. In Coming of Age in the Dawnland by Charles C. Mann, in this story, it talks about the differences between the Europeans and Native Americans, and the differences between the multiple Native American tribes. Also in The General History of Virginia by John Smith, in this story the sailors and the Native Americans have many conflicts about the changes that the Europeans impose on the Native Americans lives. This causes violence and war among the Natives and Europeans. The Europeans changed the Americas, the day they discovered them. …show more content…

“ They espied five or six persons with a dog coming towards them, who were savages; but they fled from them and ran up into the woods(Bradford 9).” The Europeans and the Natives at first didn 't really know what to think of each at first but, the Europeans threatened the Native Americans way of life. “Once they stole away their tools where they had been at work and were gone at dinner(Bradford 16).” The Native Americans had never seen the tools or guns of the Europeans, the new technology shocked them and would change their lives. Guns would make the Native Americans lives way easier when it came to hunting and the tools would help them build stronger shelters much quicker than

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