Mesoamerica Dbq

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In the Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican time period in history, there were many groups of Native Americans that had diverse cultures and societies. The technological and intellectual advancements in these societies, depended on where they were located in Mesoamerica. The Native Americans discovered many things that could help them live an advanced and satisfying life. Each tribe had different necessities and objects that they needed in order to survive. The Native American cultures in these areas had various developments that the different European cultures could use to make themselves more powerful and become strong enough to annihilate many of the Native American cultures. Mesoamerican cultures were able to become powerful and build large …show more content…

The process of the Native Americans mind, helped them discover conglomerate uses for the Maguey plant. “The plant itself serves as firewood and for fencing fields”(Document 2). Just these two things this plant can do makes life better and easier for the Mesoamericans. When the Europeans came to Mesoamerica, they also discovered the uses of this plant and how they could use its resourcefulness to help them build a new empire in Mesoamerica. Anything that was necessary for survival, the Native Americans attempted to procure, “they were taught all that was needed for them to know by the way of service, knowledge, wisdom, and prudent living” (Document 4). Before the Native Americans knew of the threat Europeans posed on their life, they showed them their intellectual advancements, teaching them how to live and work with the land. King Nezahualpilli “was much concerned with understanding the movement of the celestial bodies..he would seek in his kingdom for those who knew of such things”(Document 5). Everything that the Native Americans discovered about celestial bodies, the Europeans also began to perceive. The Mesoamerican Indians were able to identify how to correctly grow crops, such as corn, in Mesoamerica. This gave them an advantage in survival being that they did not have to travel for food. Instead, they could give up their nomadic lifestyle and settle down in one distinct place. With all of this contemporary information, the Europeans knew how to make do in

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