American Government Vs Aztec Government

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The societies of Central and South America prior to the arrival of Europeans were somewhat advanced because of government, religion, and economy. The somewhat advanced society kept many things in place to turn out the way it did with many ups and downs. A strong government that controlled and scared people. The many methods of farming of them survive for a decent time. These civilizations had a good economy that is strong and strict help them maintain. The Aztec civilization government government was very successful. They had many different strict rules (legal codes) that controlled the way the aztecs did things. The king and prime minister had some very precise guidelines of what they had to wear, when they could wear it, and how long they could keep …show more content…

They traded with places that surrounded them with got the the resources they could have needed to strive and make new alliances. While trading they would negotiate imports and exports, also negotiating things with their alliances. The new supplies of resources being imported are important for their economy so they could be successful and maintain the environment they lived in ( DOC 2 ). At the market people sold things of many different varieties of things such as food and merchandise. When the people bought somethings it boosted the profits of the economy and it got stronger and stronger ( DOC 4 ). Government, religion, and economy are some of a few reasons why the pre-columbian civilization are somewhat advanced. Because the government helped the civilization maintain a civil civilization. Religion they had their crazy beliefs on how to treat their civilization on what they believed. Last but not least trading and markets help them become successful. This is how Central and South America developed prior to the arrival of the

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