Differences And Similarities Between The Xiv And Aztec Empires

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Prior to the voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492, there were multiple empires growing to astonishing amounts of power on different sides of the earth. In the undiscovered Western Hemisphere, the great empire of the Aztecs were growing to considerable size and power; single handily controlling regional trade. In the highly active Eastern Hampshire, the powerful empire of Songhai was quickly becoming one of the strongest and wealthiest West African empires in history. The success of these empires came from a strong combination of historic prospectives, but those which helped define their legacies were a combination of: physical, capital, state action and ideas. Through analyzing these perspectives, there is a considerable finding that there are many similarities and differences between each empire that account for many years of regional power. …show more content…

Each empire was settled in different ways, but the reasoning for their placement of colonization was similar. The Aztec empire settled in present day southern Mexico, known as Mesa-America, which was placed directly in between both North and South America. Tenochtitlán, the capital of the Aztec empire, was colonized in the middle of Lake Texcoco based on a message from God. This message from God was in the form of an eagle flying over the Aztec peoples and building a nest on a island, so Aztecs believed that was their sign from God to build their own nest. The leader of the Songhai empire, Sunni Ali Ber, began to create the empire through conquering the edges of the Mali empire in 1464. Ali continued to conquer the Mali empire and surrounding states until their territory stretched to both sides of the Niger River. The position in which each civilization built their empire in allowed them to create and expand their kingdom in population, power, trade and religious

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