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Kadie Hume
English 10
March 14, 2023
Charles Manson & the Manson family cult
You know Charles Manson as a serial killer or to have led a cult, but did you know he never actually killed anyone himself? Yes, that's true, he made others do his dirty work for him, even though in the end he still got caught. If you didn't already know, Charles Manson is known as an American criminal and cult leader who led his followers to carry out and commit several murders in the late 1960’s, resulting in life in prison for 4 decades until he passed away in 2017.

Charles Milles Maddox was born November 12th, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio to his mother Kathleen Maddox who was a 15 year old troubled runaway teen from Morehead, KY. When Charles was born …show more content…

Sad to say, the marriage with William and Kathleen didn't last. 3 years later in 1937 the marriage ended and Kathleen started to act out. Eventually, she went to prison for armed robbery, burglary, and auto theft. She got sentenced to 10 years when Charles was only 5 years old. When his mother went to jail, he remained in the care of his aunt and uncle in West Virginia. 3 years later, in 1942, she regained custody of charles. Since Kathleen didn't have much money, they went from motel to motel taking care of themselves. While they were staying at the motels, his mother would leave him alone to fend for himself while she went off to bars or with the many men. Charles kept busy by committing petty criminal acts such as minor thefts and robberies, this is most likely to be where he got his criminal tendencies from. His mother couldn’t keep him under control so she decided to send him to a boarding school in Indiana called “the …show more content…

He would act as being fun, welcoming, and making them feel wanted. He would specifically prey on young white women with troubled pasts or families in which he manipulated them emotionally. By doing this, they would trust him and begin to tell their friends about an amazing man named Charlie, who could help them get out of the situation they were in or emotionally. Charles’s beliefs were basically love, lust, and drugs equal peace. This recruited many women and some men to his “family.” Later, once he had enough people, he began to cut them off from reality. Which meant no clocks, no news or tv, or talking to any outside people without being asked to by charlie, he was their information spot. Manipulation was Charles's best tactic. He used it on celebrities as well, such as the band”the beach boys.” He used his ways to make music with them and they let his “family” (cult) move in with them. Charles loved to be in control and have all the attention through many superficial ways, such as religion. He brought in many religions to the cult, like scientology, buddhism, christianity, etc. this would draw attention to him as if he knew it all, which he loved. This made them look up to him as if he was some sort of “God” who spreaded all truths. By them believing so, he got the “family” members to commit many acts of murder, Such as the tate-LaBianca murders. This case was known as the longest and most

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