Charles Shirley Jackson Character Analysis

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Character traits help shape a person into what they are, there are ways to change them and become a better person. In the short story Charles, written by Shirley Jackson, a boy named Charles possessed many different negative character traits in which some include being, obnoxious, dangerous, and disrespectful. Charles displayed immature and unnecessary trouble for all the students and teachers. Being obnoxious means extremely unpleasant and Charles was just that in this short story. Charles possesses the trait obnoxious because all the children in the class were trying to listen to the story while the teacher would be unable to read due to the noise. “Charles had to stand in the corner during story time because he kept pounding his feet on the floor” (Jackson 74). As every teacher would say reading and …show more content…

Disrespectful behaviors can be used towards anyone older or smaller than you, in this short story, Charles showed extreme disrespect to teachers, “The teacher’s friend told Charles to touch his toes like I just did and Charles kicked him” (Jackson 75). Educators are in my opinion the hardest workers as they spend their dedicated time to help you be successful in the future. Teachers are there to help children learn, not to be used as human punching bags. As a matter of fact, discipline and respect is something all parents should teach their children before sending them to school, and after reading the story I feel like Charles parents need to take time on him. As I mentioned earlier character traits shape you as a person so always make sure you have more positive than negative traits. After reading the short story Charles, written by Shirley Jackson, it’s clear to me that Charles posseted the traits, Obnoxious, dangerous, and disrespectful with no doubt. In addition, I will try to recreate myself and work on all my negative traits as it reflects on who you are and how your family might

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