Chartres Cathedral Essay

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The North Rose window at Chartres Cathedral is considered as superior of all the major rose windows at the Northern France cathedrals along with the Lunette windows by the North opening. However, during 2007, the south end of the South Rose and Lancet Windows transept was wrapped in scaffolding for a large scale remodelling.
The Passion window done in 1100s depicts the Transfiguration, The coming down from Mount Tabor with the three followers, the last supper and Jesus washing the Apostles’ Feet.
The three west façade windows existed before the tragic 1194 fire. They show the Passion on the left side along with the Incarnation at the centre and the Tree of Jesse on the right side. It is a very common biblical story as it was a sort of a …show more content…

In the story of Joseph, the two semi-circular ground panels symbolize the window’s patrons while in the story of the Good Samaritan it is illustrated in the above right.
Presently, Chartres still has 152 of its initial 186 windows, which serve the purpose of a great medieval treasure of French stained glass and the approach of our philosophy and its production. Amiens cathedral, by contrast, no longer reserves any of its primary medieval glass, and Reims cathedral retains a very small …show more content…

They are surrounded by 12 larger circles which are more densely packed than in the west window, and eventually, they appear larger and separated by the perimeter of the circle, so that the general design is supposed to consist of larger circles on the outside with smaller ones on the inside. It gives the illusion of depth, just as if a person if looking inside a tunnel.
Unlike the south window, where the delicacy vanishes as a smooth background for the glass, the tracery of the North window is a composition and arrangement in itself. If there were no glass or colour, the stonework form would still be described as a giant dahlia, which is a circular flower with arrayed petals arranged at the

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