The Pros And Cons Of The First Crusades

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The First Crusade began a long line of battles for the control of many holy places, such as Jerusalem. The Crusades were a set of wars fought between the Christian and Muslims for the location of many religious sites. The Crusades began in 1095 and ended in 1291. The Crusades began because a Muslim power, the Turks, would persecute Christians in the Holy Land, the Crusades launched to gain control of many holy sites. These missions ended up benefiting the world because of the many social and political advancements they brought to Europe. During the start of the church it was common for followers of the newfound religion to visit important landmarks from the Bible. Nearing the turn of the first millennium it was becoming more common to visit …show more content…

The results of the People’s Crusades were a disaster, with almost every soldier dying. In 1096 the first real army of knights left for Jerusalem. They first stopped by Constantinople to pledge that they would reclaim land for the Byzantine Empire, then they continued on with their journey. The next stop was Antioch, in modern day Turkey, and the crusaders began to siege the city. After a long 7 months, the city surrendered itself. The soldiers surrounded the cities and suffered more harm than the people on the inside of the walls. The lack of food and water on the outskirts left the soldiers famished and …show more content…

There were two orders of knights that were established, the Templars and the Hospitallers. The order of the Templars were a group of highly trained soldiers that lived to protect the Holy Land. On the other hand, the Hospitallers were given the task to take care of the wounded and sick pilgrims, they were a hospital that was started by the Catholic Church. These two groups are still exist in modern day society. The Hospitallers are doctors and healthcare professionals. The Templars are very similar to National Guard, they protect the country if someone was going to try and invade. Another benefit from the crusades was the establishment of trade routes, allowing European traders to send goods to the Middle East and beyond. This made many merchants very rich and expanded the current trade industry in the west. The Crusades also readied Europe for the Age of Exploration and the Renaissance, two periods that boasted trade and religion throughout

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