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The Christian View vs. The Muslim View of the Crusades The crusades were a set of different military actions that were sanctioned by the Catholic Church and the papacy. Their intention was to recapture Holy Lands they believed were rightfully theirs from the Muslim people that had invaded it. As any attack on a large group of people would do, every major group was affected. The Christians had their own reasons and beliefs for going on these Crusades. The Muslim people were the ones being attacked and had opposing viewpoints of what was going on. The views of the crusades were vastly different from two of the largest religious groups of their time, the Christians and the Muslims. The Christians looked at the crusade as their religious and personal mission and duty. After all, the Christians were the ones who were leading the crusades and they were the ones who were the biggest advocates of them. The Pope was usually in charge of sanctioning the missions and it was clear that the papacy was on board with the missions. Their main mission was to reclaim the Holy Lands from the Muslim people who had invaded it. In Robert the Monk, Pope Urban II’s Call to the 1st Crusade, the Pope is talking to a council that was convened in the city of Clermont and he is quoted saying “We wish you to know what a serious matter has led us to your country, for it is the imminent peril threatening you and all the faithful that has brought us hither. From the confines of …show more content…

They do not bring up the issues for discussion and allow possible solutions to be thrown out, they harshly describe the problem at hand and give only one real solution; the crusades. You can tell that the Pope and the people of the Church are calling the people to “take up their cross” and follow their plans to reclaim their Holy

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