Fourth Crusades Dbq Essay

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In 1095 on November 27 in Clermont,France, Pope Urban the II called for a Crusade to help the Byzantines and free the city of Jerusalem. The official start date was set as August 15, 1096. This order little did he know would be the cause of a battle that turned into 9 war’s that last for nearly 200 years. This event in history clearly has a outcome that is way more negative than positive. Have you ever imagined being in the middle of a 200 year war people dropping like flies just because of an argument over one city? In document 6 it states that “That the fourth Crusade was a wasteful and destructive event that resulted only in further dividing the Christian world. Started by Pope Innocent the lll, the Crusade did not attract the support …show more content…

Document 9 states that “In 1240,the Christian Crusaders sacked Constantinople, leaving the city in Ruins and plundering wealth.” This is relevant because It shows us that the violence and atrocities all of the Crusades clearly outweighed the positive and religious points of view that they say they were fighting for. Another example is that in document 10 it states that “ One day I entered the Mosaic, repeated the first Formula, ‘ Allah is great’, and stood up in the act of praying, upon which one of the Franks rushed on me got hold of me and turned my face East words saying “This is the way you should pray!” a group of Templars hastened to him seized him and pushed him away from me. I went back to my prayer. The same man while the others were otherwise busy rushed up once more on me and turned my face Eastward saying “This is the way you should pray!” This is interesting because a Frank is not from the Muslim religion so it is strange for one to come up to a Muslim and tell him how he should pray especially when telling him he was so forceful and overbearing even though the man was welcome to pray in the temple and in Jerusalem. This shows that the crusaders had a hatred and a strong disliking towards anyone who didn 't share their religion or fought alongside

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