Ap World History Dbq Research Paper

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The war lasted from 1095 bc to 1204 bc. Two religions fight for land, money and power. This leaves two questions to people. Why did these religions hate each other so much? They hated each other so much because of their difference of religion and gods. In this paragraph i will explain which religion was affected the most. Document 7 states that christians were desperate for soldiers because they had very little soldiers to fight against muslims. This is (important/interesting/relevant) because it 's explain a bit more on why christians were affected the most. Document 4 states that in the 4th crusade instead of the two christian churches uniting christians permanently split them apart. This is (important/interesting/relevant) because it affects christians history in the world. In conclusion christians were the most affected in history. …show more content…

Document 5 states that “the positives were the benefits for christianity and muslim and the negative is that christs and muslims hatred for jews. This is (important/interesting/relevant) because all three religions want the holy land, power, and more importance than the other two religions. Document 6 states that jerusalem remaining in muslims control. This is (important/interesting/relevant) because is negative to christians and positive to muslims. In conclution there was the same amount of positives as

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