How Did Urban II Influence Society

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Urban II was the pope from 1088 to 1099 when he died. His role in society was important because he set the foundation for the Roman Catholic Church. He influenced many other clerics and noblemen to stick up for Christian faith, so the Catholics could get what they truly deserved out of this world. Urban II’s greatest accomplishment was the crusades. Europe’s economy deeply excelled during these years, which turned this country into an economic role model. This religious dispute encouraged noblemen to gain their independence from powerful lords who sold them their land. This system was unfair and only made these men even more powerful than they already were. The pope helped them realize that they deserved better, and he also helped them understand reforms. Europe was influenced by Muslim customs and food cultures that eventually stuck with them over the years that these two religious battled for the holy land. Trade in Europe during …show more content…

The crusades were a religious dispute between Christianity and Islam that took place in order for the Christians to take back their holy land, Jerusalem, from the Muslims. Urban II initiated the crusades at the Council of Clermont through a speech, with an audience of noblemen and clerics. His main goal was to urge “European princes to stabilize Christendom’s borders and then go further to recapture Jerusalem and restore Christian rule to the holy land” (Bentley et al. 422). These expeditions sparked new political, religious, and economic developments for the world. The crusades were a huge accomplishment for the people of Christian faith because new people began to convert. Without the start of the crusades by Pope Urban II, the entire view of the Roman Catholic church would be completely different now. Christianity would not have been a very popular religion, and Europe would not be viewed as a dominant

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