Why Was Pope Urban II The Ideal Figure To Orchestrate The First Crusade?

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1) What did the holy city of Jerusalem represent for Christians, Jews, and Muslims? Jerusalem represents and holds different historic and religious symbols to different religious groups. To the Christians, Jerusalem is the place where Jesus was crucified. Jerusalem holds the temple which has great religious importance to the Jews. Jersualem is also part of the Holy Land given to them by their God. For the Muslims, Jerusalem is the holy place where Muhammad ascended into heaven. 2) What sorts of people made up the ranks of the Crusaders? (Who were they?) Not only did knights and soldiers become Crusaders, but many other people did also. Whole families, servants, common people, and even Monks became Crusaders. The whole society, including women, picked up their lives and went on the Crusade. 3) Why was Pope Urban II the ideal figure to orchestrate the First Crusade in 1095? What traits did he possess, according to the video? …show more content…

He was a charismatic man who gave powerful speeches which moved people to sell their homes, leave their lands, and follow him across a continent. Pope Urban II marketed and advertised this crusade by promising salvation to those who came along. 4) What key event in 1095 sparked Urban II and the Western church to assemble an "elite force of knights" to reclaim the holy city of Jerusalem? In 1095, the Byzantine Emperor, Alexius I, who was also the leader of the Greek Orthodox Church at that time, sent a call for help to Pope Urban II. Alexius’ land including Jerusalem had been captured by Turks, and he wanted revenge. He asked for an elite force of knights to accompany his forces to recapture Jerusalem. 5) Offer THREE benefits a new Crusade had for the Christian church in the West. What does the video argue made it attractive to the Church, knights, families, and the

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