Why Were The Crusades Justified?

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The crusades happened because of many reasons. First the Turks took over the holy lands. Then the Byzantine Emperor wanted to regain the holy land, so he called for the church 's help. Pope Urban II didn 't want to look weak, so he arranged for the first crusade. That is the cause of the crusades.

Many things happened during the crusades. First crusaders left there families, the women and children where left to fend for themselves. In the first and only successful crusade the crusaders killed all Muslim inhabitants of Jerusalem. Although the crusaded was successful, within 46 years the land had to be fought for agin. All thought there was other crusades they still didn 't manage regain the holy land. A lot of crusaders didn 't even return home, one out of twenty crusaders returned. These are many things that happened in the crusades. …show more content…

The reason my position hasn 't changed on why the crusades where not justified is as followed. The amount of men and resources used for such little success was not justified, because they should have stopped after the second and third crusaded. The crusades could have been more peaceful, could have accepted pilgrimage or discuss a peace treaty. War should have been last

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