Visual Analysis Of Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper

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Leonardo Da Vinci 's The Last supper is a popular work of art that is Da Vinci 's rendition of the last supper as told in the bible. This paper will include an in depth visual analysis of the painting as it appeared on the original canvas. The paper will also address the cultural and religious significance of this work of art in that time period. I chose to do the analysis on The Last Supper because it is an artwork that i have seen many times in my life, but oddly enough do not know a lot about. In this paper i plan to not only inform you , but inform myself on the many aspects of The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.
The Last Supper depicts the story told in the bible as the last meal Jesus had with his disciples before being crucified. Jesus made the statement that someone would betray him. Thesis work of art is an attempt to catch the chaos in the room after Jesus made the statement. Catherine Sundt makes the statement ,” The Last Supper and Handel’s Messiah are not Christian teachings, but rather art inspired by Christianity”(Sundt 77). This statement, to my shock, clarifies that the purpose of the work was not to tell the story but depict a scene in a story. Although the initial purpose wasn’t to be directly religious, this piece is still considered a religious artifact in the present. The piece if not only valuable to religious people. The Last Supper is culturally viewed as a very valuable historical artifact. Da Vinci’s most recently sold piece

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