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In the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed, the author portrays the main character (Cheryl Strayed) as someone who undergoes significant changes and exhibits varying traits throughout the text. The story unfolds with the main character facing numerous challenges and personal issues, leading to severe depression and impulsive decisions that ultimately shape her journey. As the story progresses, the author delves into Cheryl's fierce experiences, illustrating the profound impact of her impulsive decisions and the subsequent challenges she must confront. Furthermore, one crucial moment that contributes to these traits occurs after the unexpected death of Cheryl's mother. This event plunges her into a dark place, where she becomes hooked on heroin and cheats on her husband, despite his respectful treatment. These actions showcase Cheryl's impulsive nature and the negative consequences it has on her life and mental well-being. Furthermore, Cheryl's impulsive nature continues to shape her journey, propelling her into unknown territories and forcing her to grapple with the consequences of her actions. …show more content…

Her impulsive nature is evident as she embraces the uncertainty of her choices and dives headfirst into uncharted territories. Moreover, this impulsive leap reflects her willingness to break free from her past and venture into unfamiliar terrain, seeking both physical and emotional liberation. Despite the potential pitfalls, Cheryl's boldness, and spontaneity become defining traits that shape her transformative journey in the wild. However, amidst her impulsive tendencies, Cheryl also demonstrates remarkable resourcefulness and problem-solving skills, showcasing her ability to adapt and find solutions in the face of

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