Chicano Studies Survey And Analysis: Drink Cultura By Jose Burciaga

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Chicanos have been discriminated and oppressed by the anglo society since the beginning of times . According to the article Mexican Americans “Disfavor on the part of some Anglo Americans with Mexicans was evident before 1848, but it intensified thereafter”(Englekirk and Marín, 2014). Anglos dislike Mexicans before the Treaty of Guadalupe was made, and even after they became part of the American society. The Treaty of Guadalupe encourage Chicanos to make a change and oppose the way they were mistreated by the anglo society, which later helped initiate the Chicanos civil rights movement. Some of the struggles and results of the Chicano movement are seen on the book “Drink Cultura” by Jose Burciaga. This book shows some of the political and cultural struggle that Chicanos have experience within the anglo society. Some of the major cultural issues that many Mexican Americans encounter were racial racism, inequality, and also discrimination as seen on the video Latinos Beyond the Reel. The video illustrates how Media and television have …show more content…

It show the struggles that people encounter during the civil rights movement and everything that was done to make life better to newer generations. In Chicano Studies Survey and Analysis by Marquez, The Author mentions the challenges that students experienced during the 1960’s, when education activism in public schools began. According to Marquez(2014), “Chicanos struggle to obtain better education conditions in public schools” (Marquez, pg. 316) . Some of these struggles included the need of a bilingual education, and the end to discrimination against Chicano culture. In The PBS Documentary Chicanos!-Taking back the school, the discrimination of the Chicanos in school was marked, as consequence of the oppression to the Chicano culture, movements were form to bring and end to

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