Child Labor Laws Essay

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The Problems and Psychological Issues Correlated with Child Labor Laws
Child labor has been an extremely tough concept and problem for many years. This issue affect thousands of children in other countries, especially third world countries. Many children are often forced to choose working in sweatshops over going to school. This is what mainly causes the lack of education given to children in other countries. The children who are allowed to attend school are stressed with the overwhelming schedule. Several interviews have been done over time that proves these concepts as well as other stories and theories about what children suffer with under child labor institutions. Also research and plenty of books have been written concerning the troublesome side of excessive child labor. Being that child labor is mostly an issue in other countries, one may ask “What can be done to help reduce or exterminate the use of child labor in other countries when we live in the United States?”
That is the question that has limited to no answers. Almost all of our resources such as clothes, shoes, and other products are made in these other countries, mainly China. Many of us Americans do not know that most of the shops where these products are made have young children working hard and overwhelming hours. One could say that maybe us …show more content…

The jobs or amount of work done by the children however extremely varies. Even though there are major age differences between the children and the locations of work varies, it does not change the fact that these children work under harsh conditions. The children receive anywhere between low pay and no pay at all. Many of these children work in terrible locations such as factory sweatshops, rock quarries, and abusive homes. Being that most of this type of child labor takes place in many developing countries, there is a major correlation between poverty and unnecessary

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