Essay On Nike Child Labor

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Child labor is something people in the United States might think of as awful, but for families in countries like China it is a way of life. Name brand companies, for example Nike, have their products made overseas often using children to do the work. The use of child labor in other countries for Nike brings up the debate on whether or not the United States should buy products that have been produced by children. The United States should not buy products manufactured with the use of child labor because of the unfair wages they get paid and bad working conditions. Some may argue that by putting children to work it is lowering the unemployment rates in countries, the morals of buying products produced by young teenagers is just flat out wrong. Unfair wages is one reason the U.S. shouldn’t buy products that are produced by children. “...even with the much lower prices in these countries, critics say workers need to make at least $3 a day to achieve adequate living standards,” (Cushman). As John H. Cushman Jr.…show more content…
David Montero explains that in Sialkot, Pakistan there is a business, Saga Sports, that creates the Nike soccer balls by hand, the problem Nike has with the company is that they employ children to work in unjust conditions. “In November, Nike severed its contract with Saga Sports, its chief supplier, saying Saga's poor management exposes Nike to the threat of child labor and other labor violations,” (Montero). The chief executive of Nike is trying to reduce the amount of children that produce their goods in unfair conditions. The executive wants consumers to know that they are buying products that were manufactured the proper way of not having children make these items in appalling conditions that could threaten their health. The evidence suggest that working conditions is another reason that the United States consumers should not buy products that are made by
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