Child Soldiers Should Be Prosecuted

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To start, the children are given large amounts of drugs and alcohol. This harms their bodies and the way they think, leaving them doing unbearable things that they would never think of ever doing. According to Child Soldiers Should Be Prosecuted, “While fighting in war, the recruiters of child soldiers use drugs and alcohol to make children more compliant and to enable them to commit acts they would not normally commit (Author)”. As read in the quote the children have no conscious over what they are doing. The drugs being used are brainwashing everything the child may think, so the only thing they can do is follow the orders of who they think is in charge. As I read in the article, Child Soldiers—Victims or Perpetrators, “The drugs, often cocaine mixed with gunpowder, brainwash the children to the point where they would rather not escape from the horror unraveling around…show more content…
These are all injuries that may have occurred to you or somebody you know, leaving you in pain for a couple of days or even a couple of weeks. Children soldiers are left with battle scars bringing them pain every day of their life. Although the children are harming others under the command of their leader, they are also harming themselves. The article Child Soldiers—Victims or Perpetrators brought me to the conclusion of just how many children are injured in battle. “In the last ten years over two million children have been killed, over one million orphaned, over six million have been left seriously injured or permanently disabled and over 10 million have been diagnosed with psychological trauma(Author)”. All of these young soldiers suffer in a way hard to handle for most young children. A child in specific named Khadar was seriously injured while in battle. After the U.S. forces entered a compound in Afghanistan where Khadr and others were located bombs were through injuring many men and women… and Khadar. As written in The Child Soldier on Trial at
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