Chris Mccandless Transcendentalism Analysis

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Have you ever been waiting for something different/new to happen in your life; well transcendentalism is for you, it’s filled with excitement, adventure, and simply sticking with your gut on things. McCandless surly represents a transcendentalist life. He’s very good at sticking with his own opinion, doing his own thing (even if everyone else is doing another), and searching for the meaning of life. McCandless is his own person and no one can change that- he finds out things for himself. In a world where people only concentrate on things that are skin deep it’s good to have a transcendentalist life style.
Chris McCandless is defiantly someone we should resemble and admire because he’s not just getting through life but finding the meaning of it for himself. Searching for the meaning of life is something everyone does and thinks about but you can only find out for yourself. McCandless wasn't afraid to do so it didn't matter to him if he was alone. McCandless believed that in order to find yourself in this would you must lose yourself in it first. For example, when Chris wrote to Ron just before he left for Alaska, he gave …show more content…

Chris throughout his journey has demonstrated a life full of transcendentalist characteristics like, searching for the meaning of life independently, spirit of rebellion, and standing up for ones believes. In conclusion Chris McCandless is the kind of person who should have a book/movie about him to show the crucial things he had to go through and the kind of person you have to be to hold out so long and be that strong. So dam right a transcendentalist lifestyle is valuable. People envy that shit, they love it, it means you are real. When you met someone like that they standout in your life compared to everyone else. They are the people that make a difference that make a mark. If that’s not your goal then what

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