Christ Above Business Case Study

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1. What is the primary ways that Van Wensveen Siker views the relationship between Christianity and business?
Van Wensveen Siker discusses five concepts of business housed in Niebuhr’s typology. Each of these types take a different perspective on the role and perception of Christ in the business-world. He addresses multiple views and assesses the benefits of Christ-centered leaders in business environments. First, he discusses the view of Christ against business. In this realm, Christians believe that once one accepts Christ and begins to live for him, they must abandon all things related to business, as all things related to business are deceitful and rooted in sinful desire. This argument states that there is no single benefit for a Christian …show more content…

This idea contradicts the ‘Christ against Business’ concept as it argues for a Christian to be involved in business in order to positively influence those around them. Third, ‘Christ above Business’ offers that business needs Christians in order to maintain ethics and integrity. In this view, it is the responsibility of the Christian leader to keep Christian ethics at the forefront of the business model, allowing Christians to succeed in business while aiding in establishing a culture of honesty and integrity. The ‘Christ and Business in Paradox’ paradigm sees the relationship between Christians and Business as one that requires compromises in order to overcome the struggles that surface between the different world views. Lastly, Van Wensveen Siker looks at the perspective known as ‘Christ the Transformer of Business’. In this interpretation shows both “the concern for …show more content…

What does Brinn mean by the phrase “tough business”?
Tough business is business ventures that require tough decisions. Business ventures that make critical thinking in necessity. Tough business is business that does not always have a clear solution or black and white answer. Tough business can cause Christians to lose sleep as they try to the best of their ability to make the decision that would please God.
2. What would you have done if your company were considering the property deal that involved riverboat gambling and you had some decision-making authority on the project?
I would like to believe I would make the same decision Brinn did. I agree that when Christians step away from the dealing table and forfeit their voice it is guaranteed that their perspective will not be heard and that the “right” decision will more than likely be selected. However, if you stay and share your beliefs and views you may experience harassment, but Christ experienced the same ridicule during his time on earth. He did not jump ship or give up because things got too tough. He stuck it out and we are eternally profited by His

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