Christmas Baby Short Story

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The days passed by quickly and before they knew it, it was Christmas day. Bella had spent the past three days with Edward while her mother was away with Phillip. During that time she thought long and hard about what to get Edward. She ended up purchasing a braille talking watch, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted to give him something else. Something she couldn’t buy from a store.
They exchanged gifts first thing in the morning and Bella received a beautiful necklace from Edward as well as a leather journal for her writing. Shadow received a new harness. She also picked out a gift for her father, sending it to him via mail. She hoped that someday things could be better between them and she could understand him better. She sent him a text message …show more content…

She let out a loud moan and smiled up at him through hooded eyes, enjoying everything he was doing to her. She knew she would barely be able to walk properly in the morning. This was a gift they would both be enjoying. She couldn’t think of a better way to spend her night. She wondered how she could top this gift when his birthday came around.
Bella received a phone call from her mother the next morning.
“Merry Christmas baby,” Renée sang. “Sorry I didn’t call yesterday. Phillip and I were so busy. He gave me the most amazing gift. It was wonderful. How are things? Did you and Charles enjoy yourselves?”
“We did,” Bella answered. “It was an amazing day. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.” She winced as she sat down across from Edward to have a late breakfast. Every move she made reminded her of what occurred the night before.
“That’s great,” Renée said. “That explains why he texted me yesterday to wish me a merry Christmas. I’m glad you guys had a great time.”
Bella’s heart sped up at Renée’s revelation. “He texted you?” she croaked. Her mouth had gone dry.
“I think we might soon be at a place where we can be amicable. It won’t happen tomorrow, but we’ll get there. I know it. Your father used to be different. I don’t know what

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